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Who Are We

Try Karting.com has been established to bring exposure to karting as a great alternative to street racing. Try Karting is a partner to the ERASE Program (Eliminate Racing Activities on Streets Everywhere). They educate drivers on the dangers of street racing. I list some facts about the dangers associated with street racing but the primary goal is awareness of the thrills of karting – as a hobby and at the competitive level.

As a past kart racer and as a volunteer in the sport after that, I know first hand that your need for speed will be satisfied by joining the sport. The G forces, acceleration and purpose built circuits are a MUST try for speed demons. What you will experience can only be duplicated in the highest forms of motor racing.

Try Karting will give you the necessary information to see a kart race first hand as well as getting behind the wheel of your very own machine once you’ve made the decision to join this incredible sport.


Stop Street Racing

karting imageStreet Racing and aggressive driving is a big problem on our streets today. Young car owners are tuning their cars to be very high performance machines capable of great speeds. The problem is that our streets have posted speed limits that render the upgrades useless. It doesn’t stop some of them from ignoring the signs. Furthermore, racing or participating in any speed event is prohibited on public roads. Young drivers have a need for speed so the Highway Traffic Act is not a deterrent. ....Read more




Try Karting

karting imageWelcome to the world of karting! Karting is the first step on the ladder to other forms of motor sport but it’s also a great sport in its own right. There are thousands of licence holders and many more that just practice karting as a hobby.

We have manufacturer involvement including tire companies, engine and chassis makers and the vast majority come from Italy. 170 of the 192 titles over forty years have gone to Italian companies.....Read more



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